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Learning Management System Consulting

Learning Management System Consulting

Trigyn’s eLearning team has more than 20 years of experience advising corporations, educational institutions, governmental bodies and other clients about eLearning and Learning Management Systems.

Trigyn employs a comprehensive requirement gathering framework to identify and prioritize each client’s needs, preferences, and constraints to bring forward comprehensive solutions that best align with each client’s unique situation.

Our experience spans solutions for relatively small numbers of employees through to distance learning solutions for an entire school district used by hundreds of thousands of students.

Trigyn Learning Management System consulting services include:

  • Digital Learning Technology consulting.
  • LMS implementation.
  • Courseware strategy including self-authoring tools, upgrading legacy programs and development of new custom courses.
  • Migrations from legacy platforms.
  • Change management and implementation support.
  • Learning program analytics and optimization.
  • Hosting & Maintenance.