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Medicaid Services

Trigyn's Medicaid Services

Trigyn helps clients across the United States improve the quality and efficiency of care they deliver to Medicaid recipients. Trigyn enables clients to respond quickly to changes in Medicaid programs, policies, and compliance requirements, while maintaining a high level of service to those who rely on these programs.

Trigyn employs a proprietary assessment framework that helps agencies adapt to the ever-evolving Medicaid regulatory environment. Trigyn’s Medicaid team specializes in helping clients upgrade their Medicaid systems to realize more efficient management and delivery of services, optimize funding, streamline processes, incorporate new standards and updated regulations, and enhance compliance with program requirements, to deliver superior program outcomes.

Trigyn’s team of industry thought leaders and technical experts combine deep knowledge of Medicaid programs with expertise spanning project management, platform architecture, systems integration, development, data analytics, quality assurance, and compliance. Trigyn has played a significant role in helping clients across the United States upgrade their Medicaid systems to achieve effective and efficient service delivery, to modernize systems to meet or exceed regulatory requirements, to streamline business processes, and to optimize program compliance.

Trigyn excels in supporting Medicaid clients in the following areas:

  • Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) and Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES) modernization and upgrade planning - Trigyn helps clients map strategic options, technology, program alignment considerations, and risks using our proven assessment methodologies.
  • Project Management Office (PMO), program and project management, and system implementation services - Our Medicaid PMO team has the experience needed to establish a pathway for success for your Medicaid project from conception to launch and beyond.
  • Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) data architecture and governance - Trigyn’s Medicaid team are experts in managing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data with comprehensive standards and policies.
  • Quality Assurance, Testing and Systems Validation - Trigyn’s Medicaid team has extensive experience testing and validating new deployments, upgrades and releases to ensure a continuously high level of system availability and reliable performance.
  • Project Stabilization / Rescue Services - Trigyn offers clients the unique experience of helping Medicaid clients navigate the challenges of implementing complex systems and business process change, including overcoming barriers impeding ongoing projects.

Trigyn’s Medicaid team offers the knowledge, experience and aptitude needed to help clients ensure a positive return on their Medicaid technology investments including initiation of new projects, support for ongoing projects, and rescue of challenging projects. We work with Medicaid partners across the country to build effective, efficient, compliant systems to optimize CMS funding and improve services.

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