Trigyn’s Digital Learning Solutions and Services

Today more than ever, eLearning has become a critical tool for delivering quality educational opportunities to dispersed students and workers. Trigyn offers a full range of digital learning solutions, including learning management systems, learning & instructional design services and courseware development, to help educational institutions, governmental bodies, and businesses. Our large team of professionals has the training, experience and certifications needed to quickly understand your requirements, and recommend comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to help you achieve your learning objectives.

With more than 30 successful projects to date, Trigyn is a digital learning partner you can trust.

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Our Approach to Design Learning Content


Trigyn’s approach to eLearning content development combines Instructional and Learning Design approaches. This approach not only focuses on best practices for content delivery but also how best to structure course content to support different learning styles and maximize comprehension and retention:

Instructional Design

The difference between Instructional Design and Learning Design

Learning Design

The difference between Instructional Design and Learning Design

Learning Content Capabilities

To support the effective delivery of eLearning course content, Trigyn has developed inhouse expertise in a wide range of content formats ranging from static content, live and on demand video, infographics and animations, to scenarios and gamification.
Trigyn’s eLearning Course Development Services include:

Custom e-Learning Development
Custom e-Learning Development

Trigyn helps organizations cater to the varied learning needs of diverse learners. Our custom e-Learning services helps organizations to identify their e-Learning needs, create strategy, identify solutions, create storyboards, develop content with the help of subject-matter experts and develop the e-Learning courses


With increased access to technology and media, modern learners are consuming microlearning every day. Trigyn creates microlearning solutions for continual learning re-enforcement or even as a stand-alone learning strategy, where the entire curriculum is based on short-term learning activities, projects, and assignments.

Interactive Videos
Interactive Videos

Due to short attention spans of new-age learners, interactive videos are gaining momentum among diverse industry verticals. Trigyn creates e-Learning videos comprising of multiple features such as Hotspots, 360 view, Branches, Data Input, Quizes, and more. Consequently, these features improve interactivity and knowledge retention.

Game Based Learning

Games can introduce goals, interaction, feedback, problem solving, competition, narrative, and fun learning environments, elements that can increase learner engagement and sustain motivation. Gamebased learning, involves designing learning activities so that game characteristics and game principles inhere within the learning activities themselves.

Localization & Translation
Localization & Translation

Trigyn offers translation and other language services to organizations who wish to get their knowledge resources translated into other Indian and foreign languages.

Deetya® Digital Campus

Deetya® Digital Campus

The Deetya Digital Campus technology platform is a comprehensive campus management platform designed to support the creation of an entire Digital School for educational institutions. This platform allows institutions to easily extend their traditional onsite teaching models to support distance learning. The platform emphasizes scalability to support large student populations and ease of use to support K-12 and Higher Education. The Deetya administrative interfaces are also capable of managing the offline operations of educational institution making Learning a seamless extension of the school’s traditional education activities.

For more information about the Deetya Digital Campus click here.

Teacher Continuing Education

Trigyn’s Teacher Continuing Education Program, TeachPro+, is focussed on improving teachers‘ access to quality continuing education and professional development programming. In partnership with a company that specializes in providing award-winning live professional development training to teachers, TeachPro+ takes their award-winning programs and presents them on an online platform, making them accessible to teachers no matter where they are located.

TeachPro+ combines the 20 years of eLearning, education, and teacher training experience of our team, and shares it with teachers on a platform that allows them to learn at their own pace, and receive personalized feedback and coaching, from almost any type of connected device they can access. TeachPro+ is the support system built to empower teachers to thrive in their profession and realize their full potential as world-class educators.

For more information about TeachPro+, please click here.

Teacher Continuing Education

Learning Management System Consulting

Trigyn’s eLearning team has more than 20 years of experience advising corporations, educational institutions, governmental bodies and other clients about eLearning and Learning Management Systems. Trigyn employs a comprehensive requirement gathering framework to identify and prioritize each client’s needs, preferences, and constraints to bring forward comprehensive solutions that best align with each client’s unique situation. Our experience spans solutions for relatively small numbers of employees through to distance learning solutions for an entire school district used by hundreds of thousands of students.


Trigyn Learning Management System consulting services include:

  • Digital Learning Technology consulting
  • LMS implementation
  • Courseware strategy including self-authoring tools, upgrading legacy programs and development of new custom courses
  • Migrations from legacy platforms
  • Change management and implementation support
  • Learning program analytics and optimization
  • Hosting & Maintenance
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