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SAP HANA Migration

SAP HANA Migration

Trigyn offers SAP HANA Readiness Assessment services focusing on HANA migration covering the complete landscape of:

  • Databases,
  • Applications, and
  • Interfaces and Platforms

Trigyn's HANA Readiness Assessment Service leverages SAP best practices to assess legacy systems to thoroughly assess and proactively identify project risks to ensure a smooth and efficient migration. This readiness assessment helps clients by:

  • Identifying objects that require modification,
  • Prioritizing the changes to be made,
  • Highlighting unused features which may benefit the client
  • Flagging custom code that should be decommissioned, and
  • Optimizing the implementation of required changes.

SAP HANA Migration Benefits

SAP customization, system integration, migration and conversion typically account for 40% of total deployment cost. Customization of SAP solutions is often required for several reasons including the need for:

  • Added features and functionality identified during the fit-gap analysis of business needs and the legacy solution,
  • Integrations using Web Services and APIs into the SAP system,
  • Custom code to address gaps and provide fixes during the production run of SAP ECC,
  • Enhanced BI capabilities requiring the implementation of custom-built tools and ETL programs for Data Migration, Cleansing, Validation and Integrity.