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Medicaid MIS Modernization Case Study

Case Study - Modernizing Medicaid Management Information Systems

June 20, 2023

Trigyn, a prime contractor, was engaged by one of the largest US states by population to lead the project management of their Medicaid Modernization initiative. The aim of the project was to replace legacy systems with a modern Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) to enhance program administration and incorporate new capabilities mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

During the 5-year engagement, Trigyn's project management approach proved instrumental in achieving project success. They implemented a comprehensive project plan, incorporating a RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) chart to establish clear accountability for all project partners in meeting requirements, budgets, and deadlines. Leveraging their experience from previous projects, Trigyn developed and executed a robust risk management process, enabling proactive risk mitigation throughout the project's duration. This proactive approach ensured data-driven, transparent project tracking with all stakeholders.

Key Factors Contributing to Success: 

  • Effective Communication: Trigyn established open and efficient communication channels with all project stakeholders, fostering respectful relationships and promoting effective collaboration.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Thorough documentation of each project phase, including confirmations and re-confirmations of deliverables, ensured clarity and accountability throughout the engagement.
  • Accountability: Trigyn held all project team members accountable, ensuring the timely completion of deliverables and maintaining project momentum.
  • Common Vision: By clarifying all points of uncertainty and fostering a shared understanding of project goals, Trigyn ensured all stakeholders had a common vision for success.
  • Issue Management: Trigyn implemented a methodical issue management framework, enabling proper escalation and alignment among project team members regarding priorities and project progress.
  • Project Dashboard: Leveraging a proprietary Project Dashboard, Trigyn maintained transparency across all project stakeholders. This unified view of project timelines, progress, risks, and priorities ensured alignment and facilitated efficient task management.

Trigyn's technical expertise, effective partnership, and exceptional vendor management skills were additional key factors contributing to the project's success. Consequently, Trigyn's team was subsequently retained under a successor cooperative contract to develop the roadmap for modular modernization of the state's Medicaid Management Information Systems, aligning them with updated CMS guidelines.

Trigyn's project management approach and expertise in Medicaid Modernization proved instrumental in transitioning the client from a Big Bang monolithic MMIS system to state-of-the-art Modular Modernization of their Medicaid Management Information System. By prioritizing effective communication, accountability, and risk management, Trigyn ensured that all stakeholders remained informed and actively engaged. Comprehensive documentation, issue management, and a Project Dashboard further contributed to project transparency and alignment. Trigyn's ability to adapt and provide ongoing support through a successor contract exemplifies their commitment to a long-term partnership and delivering modern solutions that comply with regulatory guidelines.

Trigyn helps clients improve the quality and efficiency of Medicaid services delivery. Across eight states, Trigyn’s experienced and highly competent team has worked with clients to respond to updates in CMS requirements and modernize their Medicaid Management Information Systems.

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