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  • To adopt a structured programme for orientation and training of Independent Directors at the time their joining so as to enable them to understand the Company - its operations, business, industry and environment in which it functions and the regulatory environment applicable to it.
  • To update the Directors on a continuing basis on any significant changes therein so as to be in a position to take well-informed and timely decisions.


  • A Induction pack is handed over to the new inductee, which includes the Company’s Corporate Profile, its Mission, Vision and Values Statement, Organisational structure, the Company’s history and milestones, latest Annual Report, Code of Conduct applicable to Directors / employees of the Company, the ‘Trigyn Code of Conduct” and the latest Annual Reports on CSR and Sustainability. In case the inductee is also inducted on the other Committees, he is also handed the respective Committee Charters and the Whistle Blower Policy.
  • A detailed Appointment Letter incorporating the role, duties and responsibilities, remuneration and performance evaluation process, insurance cover, Trigyn Code of Conduct and obligations on disclosures, is issued for the acceptance of the Independent Directors.
  • A separate meeting with Business /Unit Heads and Corporate functional heads is also arranged. Relevant Business Strategy presentations are also being made.
  • A brief introduction to the Company and its main operating subsidiaries is also made.


  • The Company holds Strategy Board Meeting at any of the Company’s off-site venues. At the Strategy Board Meeting, presentations are made to the Directors on the Company’s long term Vision and Strategy. Business Heads of the Company and CEOs of Indian and Overseas operating subsidiaries also present their plans and priorities to the Board. This enables the Directors to get a deeper insight in the operations of the Company and its Subsidiaries.
  • At various Board Meetings during the year, presentations are made to the Board on Risk Management, Company policies, changes in the regulatory environment applicable to the corporate sector and to the Industry in which the Company operates.
  • Quarterly presentations on operations made to the Board include information on business performance, operations, market share, financial parameters, working capital management, fund flows, senior management changes, major litigation, compliances, subsidiary information, etc.
  • Meetings with Company Executives are also arranged to better understand the business and operations of the Company.
  • Reports on the Company including Analyst Reports of the Company are sent to the Directors.

Familiarization Programme - FY - 2023–24

Familiarization Programme - FY - 2022-23

Familiarization Programme - FY - 2021-22

Familiarization Programme - FY - 2020-21

Familiarization Programme - FY - 2019-20

Familiarization Programme - FY - 2018-19