AI Powered Enterprise Analytics

September 02, 2020
Artificial Intelligence

Background: Trigyn’s client was a multinational manufacturer of safety and protective equipment. The company has championed a high-successful consultative sales process that yielded high client retention, increased revenues and cost savings for their customers. The client was challenged in that their Data Analytics Software was unable to keep pace with the increased demand for data required to support their sales process. The client was seeking to implement an innovative solution to streamline managerial and sales team access and adoption to enterprise data and reports to support an increased level of data-driven decision making.

A key requirement was that the system had to be easy to use, accessible via a range of devices by office-based and field personnel and support output of data in formats which were readily consumable and usable by all users.

Trigyn Approach: After assessing the client’s requirements, Trigyn implemented an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solution using the Whiz.AI platform. Whiz.AI was deemed to be the ideal solution to meet the client needs in that it allowed users to:

  • Create custom on-demand analytics based on parameters the user sets and refines;
  • Access desired data and reports through a conversational AI interface (via voice or text) that requires no training or configuration;
  • Create polished, on-demand visualizations of report outputs and specify formats that can be inserted directly into documents or presentations;
  • Experience an enhanced user experience over time as the system personalizes its responses based on past user queries and reports;
  • Access wide ranging data by integrating a broad range of enterprise scale data sets and sources; and
  • Configure data access controls and security based on user profiles.

The solution was implemented from requirements gathering through to implementation and support in a total of 6 weeks.

Outcome: The innovative solution was credited with significantly reducing the number of requests for ad hoc reports and providing instantaneous access to business intelligence data to sales and exec teams. Furthermore, the implementation saw high adoption rates. The client-side project lead said “Our team was blown away with instant and easy access to our data and insights with Whiz. I don’t have to keep creating reports or email stats all the time. Our execs and sales team can now stay up to date on what is happening in the business without going through complex software.”

Tags:  Big Data , Analytics , AI