Digital Transformation of a Client’s Sales Department

September 14, 2022
Development & Maintenance , Healthcare

Background: Trigyn’s direct client is a global manufacturer and distributor of high quality health and safety equipment. Faced with increased competition from new market entrants, the client re-engineered its sales process incorporating a consultative selling methodology designed to quantify the safety and productivity benefits of choosing higher quality protective products made by the client and expressing them in financial terms.

To support this sales transformation, the client identified a need for an elaborate digital tool that would guide representatives through a consultative selling process.

Trigyn Approach: The Trigyn solution represented a comprehensive digital transformation for the client's sales force.

The solution empowered the client's sales representatives to implement the consultative sales process. Representatives used the tool to audit their client’s factories or worksites and document the various health and safety risks and the personal protective equipment in use. The tool calculated savings opportunities based on using the client’s recommended superior products in place of the incumbent products, and quantified the savings in terms of reduced frequency of product replacement, reduced injury and disability, reduced product defects, and increased workflow efficiency.

The extent of the digital transformation extended beyond the desktop and tablet-based application, it included integration with extensive cloud-based datasets through mobile connectivity, and included a reports engine capable of generating custom presentations and proposals in a wide range of document formats, in any of 20 different languages. 

The scope of Trigyn’s role included:

  • Requirements gathering,
  • Solution architecture and database design,
  • Development and unit testing,
  • Deployment, system integration, testing & user training,
  • User acceptance testing,
  • Go-live & support, and
  • System enhancements, maintenance & ongoing support.

Trigyn currently has teams dedicated to the development of ongoing user experience enhancements to the application as well as providing maintenance and support utilizing a hybrid Managed Services model.

Outcome: The digital transformation of the client's sales force has netted many dividends. The innovative solution developed by Trigyn has netted the project team several business innovation awards and allowed the client to elevate its business relationships from transactional to true value-based partnerships.

Our client credits the transformation with helping their customers reduce overall costs by 30% while allowing the client to realize increased margins, larger deal sizes and extremely high customer retention rates without having to compete on price.

Tags:  Digital Transformation , Custom Development , Managed Services