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Trigyn’s Staffing & Consulting Value Proposition

Trigyn’s Staffing & Consulting Value Proposition

Trigyn offers clients a superior staffing and consulting engagement experience based on outperforming our competitors in the following areas:

  • Personnel - Trigyn’s resources are our greatest asset! Our intensive recruitment and qualification policies identify excellent staffing and consulting candidates who help keep our clients’ organizations moving forward.
  • Service Orientation - Trigyn prioritizes timely and precise client services customized to incorporate your procedures, policies, and preferences. Trigyn has consistently received a Dunn & Bradstreet’s Open Ratings Customer Satisfaction rating of “Very Good.”
  • Business Relationships - Our contract management policies are driven by client interests and satisfaction with services provided, guaranteeing a positive customer experience.
  • Cost - Trigyn regularly conducts analytical marketplace research to ensure our pricing is competitive and fair for both our clients as well as the resources we provide.
  • Responsiveness - Trigyn’s Account Managers and Resource Management System (RMS) are available 24/7 to ensure clients receive quality support whenever they need it.
  • Experience - For 35 years, Trigyn has deployed high quality IT, clerical, and administrative resources under staffing and consulting contracts, for client engagements across the globe.
  • Access to Candidates - Trigyn maintains a large database of screened candidates and supplements this with our access to a wide range of job boards and other recruiting tools, when needed.
  • Quality Focus - Trigyn is ISO certified for quality. As part of this certification, we have implemented company processes to measure, analyze, and optimize virtually every aspect of what we do to drive better quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
  • Reliability - Trigyn’s attrition rate for contract workers is well below industry average. We maintain an internal target and have implemented a range of programs to provide our consultants a supportive and employee-centric work experience.
  • Stability - Trigyn is a debt-free company with a decade long history of progressive growth. We are a stable partner who will be there when you need us.
  • Social Responsibility - Trigyn is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and has implemented a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility programs supporting charitable, social development and environmental causes.