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Senior Project Manager - EPMO (MMIS/Medicaid/AHS)

Job Details: Senior Project Manager - EPMO (MMIS/Medicaid/AHS)

Job Description: Senior Project Manager - EPMO (MMIS/Medicaid/AHS)

Position Id: J0524-0055
Job Type:4-6 months (contract)
Country: United States
Location: Waterbury, VT
Pay Rate: Open
Contact Recruiter:732-876-7626

Job Description:

Trigyn's direct government client has a long-term need for Senior Project Manager in Waterbury, VT. The particulars of the position are as follows.

As a part of the project management duties, the (Project Manager) will attend informational and status meetings and, when appropriate, call and lead such meetings. Such meetings may include the Project Management Team, the Contract Administrator, other consultants, elected officials, and other stakeholders as designated by the State. The Project Manager shall work directly with the Portfolio and/or Project.
Manager to define, manage, and control the project scope, timeline, issue escalation and resolution processes. Consultant shall deliver written status reports on a weekly basis generated from the EPMO’s project management tool.

All data related to projects will be updated in the EPMO’s project management tool. Data will consist of project details collected during the project intake process including project description, project team members and roles, estimated project costs, and project.
justification. In addition, Project Managers will enter data to support schedule management and status reporting including resource assignments, risk, issues, change requests and overall status related to scope, quality, and costs in the EPMO’s project.
management tool. Data will be updated in the EPMO’s project management tool on a weekly basis to align with project status reporting. Project Managers will also assist the Portfolio Manager by entering data in the EPMO’s project management tool to support resource management and cost management processes.

Status information shall include, at a minimum: all planned tasks accomplished, planned tasks that are incomplete, or behind schedule in the previous week (with reasons given for those behind schedule); all tasks planned for the upcoming two weeks; an updated status of tasks (entered into the project plan and attached to the status report – e.g., percent completed, resources assigned to tasks, etc.); and the status of any corrective actions undertaken. The report will also contain items such as the current status of the project’s technical progress and contractual obligations; achievements to date; risk management activities; unresolved issues; requirements to resolve unresolved issues; action items; problems; installation and maintenance results; and significant changes to Contractor’s organization or method of operation, to the project management team, or to the deliverable schedule, where applicable. Status reports will be generated from the EPMO’s project management tool.

In addition, Project Manager will create and routinely update the project plan / product roadmap / sprint plan(s), if any, to reflect changes in the nature and timing of project activities, all changes being subject to the State Portfolio and/or Project Manager’s approval. Project deliverables and activities will be subject to the State’s quality management process to be defined by the State prior to the project kick-off.

• Ability to manage a project in accordance with the EPMO project lifecycle
• Strong organizational skills
• Strong communication skills
• Ability to manage a large project’s triple constraint.
• Ability to manage multiple levels of project resources (i.e., project SME’s, all levels of stakeholder engagement, and vendors)
• Manage multiple contracts supporting the execution of scope.

• Organize and archive project artifacts in the State designated document repository.
• Create and maintain an updated Project Schedule using the project scheduling tool prescribed by the EPMO to reflect activities, dependencies, milestones, start and end dates, assigned resources, and percent of tasks completed to ensure project milestones and deliverables/outcomes are achieved. Ensure/Participate in weekly updates to the Implementation Master Schedule with Implementation
• Provide detailed project status reports using the State’s Project Management Tool.
• Create and maintain risks/issues in the EPMO’s project management tool. Provide recommendations to address new project issues and risks where applicable.
• Facilitate and manage all project activities including the State’s procurement process.
• Produce/update stakeholder register Facilitate project meetings including but not limited to risk/issue review meetings, status meetings, backlog grooming sessions, release planning meetings, change review meetings and other meetings upon request. Produce agendas (24 hours before) and minutes (24 hours after).
• Create/Update project budget records. Enter/Update the EPMO’s project management tool with actual expenditures for financial/budget tracking purposes.
• Track project decisions
• Track project action items
• Work with the EPMO IT Portfolio Manager and State governance committees to ensure impacts from changes to scope, schedule, budget, risk, or resources for any project are reviewed and understood before a change is undertaken, and that any such changes are formally
accepted using a State approved Change Request Form. Track project changes in the EPMO’s project management tool.
• Track all project deliverables by use of a deliverable approval matrix.
• Ensure successful completion of all Implementation vendor Deliverable Expectation Documents (DED)
• Ensure successful completion of all Implementation vendor Deliverable Acceptance Form (DAF)
• Conduct lessons learned activities and produce lessons learned report.
• Produce Project closeout report.

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