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Network Administrator - Cyber Security

Job Details: Network Administrator - Cyber Security

Job Description: Network Administrator - Cyber Security

Position Id: G0524-0021
Job Type:4-6 months (contract)
Country: Haiti
Location: Port-au-Prince
Pay Rate: Open
Contact Recruiter:+4972312839009

Job Description:

Trigyn has a contractual opportunity for a Network Administrator - Cyber Security. This resource will be working at our client site in Haiti.

Job Description:

The ideal candidate should possess expertise in Network Infrastructure and Server Administration and proficiency in Cisco Systems, Cisco Networking, VoIP, Server Administration, and Cybersecurity.

•This resource would be required to test, install and maintain the client's data network in the area of operation.
•Design and implementation of a complete wide/metropolitan area network in various regions/offices, and administration of network once installed. The network would include but not limited to the following equipment:
-Cisco routers and WAN switches (IGX) are in the core of the existing WAN;
-Satellite modems, multiplexers, microwave modems, line drivers are used for physical connectivity between locations;
-Protocols in use are HDLC, Frame Relay, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, TCP/IP, VoIP;
-Thorough understanding of Cisco IOS, Stratacom OS, WAN and routing concepts and above protocols is absolutely essential;
-Design of IP addressing scheme, subnetting, route summarisation are tasks to be performed;
-Preferably certified in both CCNA and CCDA.

•The technician should have a working knowledge of Intra and Internetworking concepts in so far as it applies to and Data Communications.
•Experience with CISCO networking equipment and applicable CISCO and other IT industry certifications.
•Must have a national drivers licence for a light motor vehicle
•Fluency in English, both written and oral, is required.

For immediate response, please send your Resume to

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