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NET/WEB Developer

Job Details: NET/WEB Developer

Job Description: NET/WEB Developer

Position Id: G0224-0017
Job Type:6-12 months (contract)
Country: India
Location: Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore
Pay Rate: Open
Contact Recruiter:912261400909

Job Description:

Scope of Work:

Under the direct supervision of the Team Leader:

1. Assist in the re-write and re-branding of the front end of an existing web application from
Angular JS to Angular.
2. Complete specific tasks that involve design and development on all areas of the web
application, specifically refactoring to improve performance and security.
3. Apply an in-depth knowledge of .NET Core, Angular JS, Angular, MS SQL Server,
internet, intranet, and client server technologies to offer recommendations to improve the
4. Evaluate change requests, establish programming efforts, and offer recommendations to
users based on best practices.
5. Follow change management and version control system/processes using TFS.
6. Develop, review, and validate test scripts and test plans for all phases of testing,
including unit testing and user acceptance testing.
7. Consult colleagues concerning maintenance and performance of software systems.
8. Attend daily meeting.

User Interface (UI) Design Implementation :
1) Updated codebase based on latest Angular
framework and/or other UI libraries (like
DevExtreme, Bootstrap) for Angular that ensures a
modern, robust, and responsive user interface.
2) Working Web Application with responsive design
that caters to various screen sizes and devices.
3) Angular application with accessibility features to
ensure a user-friendly experience for all users
Delivery dates as
agreed with the
technical lead

Angular Web Application Development:
1) Updated and rebranded Angular frond-end
codebase that follows the Angular best practices,
such as modular architecture and lazy loading for
optimal performance.
2) Design document for the new Angular frond-end
during the rewrite
3) Refactored codebase with improvements in
performance and security.
4) Successful deployment of the Angular web
Delivery dates as
agreed with the
technical lead

Security Implementation:
1) Web Application with security measures
implemented and validated.
2) Web Application that supports flexible
authentication with different providers and
authorization mechanisms like Role-Based Access
Control (RBAC).
3) Web Application secured against the common web
vulnerabilities (e.g., Cross-Site Scripting, Cross
Site Request Forgery).
Delivery dates as
agreed with the
technical lead

Unit/Integration Testing:
1) Automated test scripts and plans for each
testing phase.
2) Working Codebase for unit tests passing for
critical front-end functionalities.
3) Working Codebase for integration testing of
frontend and backend
4) Comprehensive unit tests for Angular
components, services, and modules
5) Test scripts compatible with Angular (e.g.,
Jasmine, Karma).
Delivery dates as
agreed with the
technical lead

.NET Core Backend Integration:
1) Web Application with error free integration
between .NET Core backend and frontend.
2) Codebase that ensures smooth and secure
communication between the Angular front end
and .NET Core backend.
3) Refactored and improved code of the backend
that is performance optimized and supports
scalable architecture.
4) Recommendations report with detailed insights
into areas for improvement in .NET Core,
Angular JS, Angular, MS SQL Server, internet,
intranet, and client-server technologies
Delivery dates as
agreed with the
technical lead

Quality Assurance and Continuous integration and
deployment practices:
1) Documentation on test results, including any issues
found and resolutions.
2) Documented adherence to change management and
version control processes using TFS
3) Regular code reviews
4) Regular Progress Reports
1. A minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience in the planning,
design, development, implementation, and maintenance of computer information
systems or related areas.
2. Experience in the following programming languages is required: current versions
of .Net Core, .NET Framework 4.8, MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML/CSS,
Bootstrap, JavaScript, Visual Studio 2022, Web APIs, JSON, Angular (12+).
Experience in AngularJS and DevExtreme is desirable.
3. Experience in the following operating systems is required: Microsoft Windows
4. Experience integrating with Azure DevOps is highly desirable.
5. Experience developing and deploying Web API is highly desirable.
6. Working experience in IIS is desirable.
7. Ability to quickly translate and navigate through new code from different
development styles.
8. Ability to take ownership of specific tasks and follow the project team’s direction
through to completion with minimal supervision.
9. High quality and demonstrable communication skills (listening, speaking, and
writing) are required.
10. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working
relations with people in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity
and respect for gender and diversity.
11. High degree of client orientation is required.