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Generative AI Solution Architect

Job Details: Generative AI Solution Architect

Job Description: Generative AI Solution Architect

Position Id: J0124-0106
Job Type:4-6 months (contract)
Country: United States
Location: New York City, NY
Pay Rate: Open
Contact Recruiter:732-876-7621

Job Description:

The Generative AI Solution Architect designs, develops, and deploys generative AI solutions to enhance the organizations adoption of this technology. This role requires a deep understanding of large language models and other generative AI techniques to advise on model selection, data preparation, training methodology, and optimization for possible business use cases aligning with evolving framework. The Solution Architect partners with external (private sector organizations) and internal professionals (data engineers and scientists) to integrate new solutions into the organization through robust ML infrastructure and pipelines. This position combines technical acumen with strategic thinking to expand the generative AI footprint through responsible and cutting edge AI.

Education: Master’s degree in Computer Science, with specialization in AI/ML

Experience: 5+ years building AI solutions and systems. 1+ year specifically delivering generative AI solutions.

• Expertise and experience in large language models like GPT-4, LlaMA, Codex, PaLM, and Bloom
• Experience training, evaluating and deploying models generative AI models
• Proficiency in Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and other AI frameworks
• Understanding of ML ops, model monitoring, bias/safety techniques
• Knowledge of cloud services like specifically Azure and AWS
• Ability to convert business needs into technical requirements and prototypes
• Strong communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills

• Design generative AI architectures, integrate models and solutions into existing efforts and infrastructure
• Research and advise on selecting appropriate generative AI techniques for new use cases
• Lead data preparation, training, evaluation and optimization of generative models
• Monitor and maintain generative models in production environments
• Develop and operationalize responsible AI practices for generative models
• Work with cross-functional teams to envision and develop new AI solutions
• Keep up to date on AI advancements and translate them into strategic recommendations
• Promote and lead best practices in AI development, documentation, and collaboration

For an immediate response, please call 732-876-7621, or send your resume to

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