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DevSecOps Consultant
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Full Time
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Job Description

Required Profile:

The incumbent shall have a minimum three years of software development experience or DevOps and a
minimum two years of experience in SDLC security best practice and integrating security tools into the
CI/CD pipelines.

Scope of Work / Duties of Consultant:

• Responsible for defining and implementing the build, deployment and monitoring.
• A part of Agile development teams to deliver an end-to-end automation of deployment,
monitoring, and infrastructure management in a cloud environment.
• Build and configure delivery environments supporting CD/CI tools.
• Create scripts and/or templates to automate and/or bootstrap infrastructure provisioning and
management tasks.
• Working closely with our development team to create an automated continuous integration (CI)
and continuous delivery (CD) system.
Support a diverse environment that has customer facing applications and large-scale data
processing infrastructure and APIs.
• Work both independently and in a collaborative team environment to meet required schedules
and timelines.
• Possess outstanding skills in communicating complex technical issues and in providing
comprehensive written, oral and/or digital products (including document organization and
technical writing).
• Ability to learn quickly new concepts and technologies.
• Provide other ad hoc support as required.

Required Technical Skills:

The resource MUST have the following skills and experience:
• Experience with fully automating CI/CD pipelines end-to-end, from code commits to production.
• Demonstrated background in deploying secure solutions.
• Develop, document, and implement CI/CD strategy for management of Infrastructure as Code
IaC baseline
• Experience and expertise in application and security testing technologies, including static code
analysis and dynamic analysis.
• Ability to work with APIs and plugins to integrate security tools into established CI/CD pipelines.
• Experience with integrating an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution into
infrastructure and Web applications.
• Knowledge and experience with attack simulation, vulnerability management and application
testing using automated and manual tools.
It is desirable to have the following skills and experience:
• Knowledge of threat modelling and risk assessment techniques.
• Familiarity with API security, container security, AWS Cloud Security, Azure DevOps
• Comprehension in the security areas of Key Management Systems, Certificate Management,
Encryption, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, Security and Monitoring tools, etc.
• DevSecOps security controls and best practices.
• Relevant certification in the areas of application and security assessment

Required Soft Skills:

• Strong teamwork and communication skills.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced, rapidly changing, Agile, and competitive environment.
• Customer facing experience and oral communication skills.
• Ability to write documentation & reports.
• Creativity/ ability to find innovative solutions.
• Willingness to learn on the job.
• Conflict management & cooperation.

Desirable certifications:

• Preference for Cybersecurity certification in software and application development or integration
or testing.
Teleworking Option

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