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Business Analyst - Oracle ERP

Job Details: Business Analyst - Oracle ERP

Job Description: Business Analyst - Oracle ERP

Position Id: G0524-0052
Job Type:4-6 months (contract)
Country: Switzerland
Location: Geneva
Pay Rate: Open
Contact Recruiter:+4972312839009

Job Description:

Trigyn has a contractual opportunity for a Business Analyst - Oracle ERP. This resource will be working at our client site in Geneva, Switzerland.

Job Responsibilities:

The consultants shall be embedded as core members of the Finance to Manage (F2M) process area stream of the Business Transformation; the F2M Stream is responsible for delivering an end-to-end, fully integrated (process and data models; across functions such as projects and finance) solution and associated data migration and change management support materials. The consultants shall be responsible for working with the F2M stream team members and related project teams and stakeholders and providing knowledge and advice on the best ways in which to use the Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP platform related to financials matter. The consultants shall have responsibilities supporting F2M solution strategy, advisory, experimenting/prototyping, configuration, test strategy, and cutover preparation.

2. Project Context and Scope:

The client Business Transformation aims to completely modernize the business methods, processes and technology solutions of the client's Support functions, principally project management, finance, budget and accounting, fund raising, human resources, supply chain, contracts, risk management, and other general services. The Finance to Manage (F2M) stream is a critical part of this project to ensure that an integrated, end-to-end Financial set of processes and data models are delivered using modern best practices and minimizing the number of customizations required to the Oracle platform.

3. Organizational Department / Unit to which the Consultant is contributing:

The consultants shall work within the F2M process area stream of the Business Transformation unit. The consultants will work under the F2M Stream Lead, but will have frequent direct interactions with the BT Programme Leadership team, including the members of the BT-Design Authority, the technical integration and data migration teams, and the Business Process Owners

4. Tasks to be performed under this contract:

Solution Strategy, Blueprinting and Realization

a. Provide technical guidance and develop expertise on the solution components and participate in the configuration and management of the solution.

b. Align and coordinate the collected business requirements with the selected solution and any decisions taken on solution strategy, including ongoing change control and management.

c. Supervise and contribute to the process of translating business requirements into functional specifications, maintaining traceability throughout the development process including all solution documentation.


a. Provide technical guidance on the formulation of Oracle reports via OTBI, BIP, FAW and others.

b. Create reports in Oracle and prepare functional design documents.

c. Conduct quality testing of the reports developed by third-party consultants and provide feedback to the client's needs.

d. Assist in developing End-user training documents for reports and conducting training for users as needed.

Data Migration.

a. Support and coordinate the Stream Lead and Business Process Owner through analysis and other planning tasks to determine the scope of data to be archived or migrated to the new platform(s), including source data analysis and testing requirements for migrated data.

b. Support in the reconciliation of pre and post-data load to Oracle.

Change Management

In this area, the business analyst will be working in collaboration with the Organizational Alignment (OA), Communications and Training teams to perform analysis and provide inputs to ensure that organizational aspects interdependent on the future solution are aligned, including:

a. Identify changes in working practices due to the future solution and support impact analysis, liaising with the Change Management team.

b. Contribute to and support the training team in developing plans, objectives, syllabi and collateral/materials for role-based training; and provide test support for the training materials.

c. Support and in some cases perform training delivery (online, in-person, etc.) ranging from training delivery through the support of training delivery.


a. Participate actively in the development of test objectives and specific test scenarios and scripts.

b. Participate in the User Acceptance Tests (UAT) as both test support and as a tester.

Cutover and Go-live Support

a. Work closely with the cutover team to identify business and related technical tasks that need to be performed as part of the cutover and participate in the management of test runs and the actual cutover activities.

b. Be an integral part of the “hypercare” support team that will be provided 2-3 months post-core go-live.

Stream-specific Responsibilities

The Finance-to-Manage (F2M) stream focuses on accounting, controlling, treasury, and all matters of financial reporting including statutory, managerial, multilateral, and donors. As the heart of the business transformation, it has cross-functional integrations to manage with all other process areas. The F2M Senior Business Analyst supports the Stream Lead in developing and implementing these fully integrated enterprise solutions.

a. Support the development of the future Enterprise Account Structure-related master data elements.

b. Support the F2M team in developing optimized financial management and controlling processes fully integrated with other functional steps within end-to-end processes (like P2R – planning and project management).

c. Ensure that future financial management and related integrated processes and data models support F2M reporting requirements.

d. Collaborate with other Process Areas to ensure fully integrated financial management and controlling business process step, with an emphasis on automating accounting transactions.

Performance indicators for the evaluation of results

*Programme plan reviews and delivery of planned tasks
*Progress reports
*Documents to support the overall implementation including support for Solution Development Lifecycle (SDLC) checkpoints.
*BT project deliverables as designated by the BT Leadership team and F2M Stream Lead

5. Education, Experience and/or skills required

* University degree in computer science, engineering, management of information systems or a related discipline covering your functional area;
* At least 2 years of experience working in a similar consultative role on the related Oracle Cloud ERP modules including Oracle Fusion.
* Business Analysis professional certification will be an asset;
* At least 6 years of experience in ERP projects in the roles as defined above;
* Minimum 2 large-scale ERP projects performing a similar or higher project management role; with a strong preference for Cloud ERP implementation;
* Deep knowledge and experience in Accounting, Financial reporting, closure and consolidation business domain;
* Excellent command of written and spoken English.

For immediate response, please send your Resume to

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