IoT Facility & Security Management Case Study

Background: The Client is a leading provider of facilities management services for a wide range of public and private sector businesses. The client’s customer portfolio includes some of the most respected companies around the world.

The Client sought to expand its service offering by providing their customers with a Security Process Outsourcing service which encompassed a range of networked security management systems. The service included a complete security solution for risk prevention and management including IP video surveillance and alarm management through a centralized Command and Control Center. The service utilized Geographic Information System (GIS) based application interfaces and standard operating procedures to ensure accurate and responsive service delivery.

Trigyn Approach: Trigyn designed an Innovative Solution integrating an array of third-party Internet-of-things technologies and equipment into a common, easy-to-use interface for incident management.

In achieving the client’s goal of providing a comprehensive security service to its customers, Trigyn overcame numerous challenges including:

  • The definition of business processes and technical requirements to support a business model for security services which the client had not previously implemented.
  • The development of a channel partner ecosystem to bring forward best in class technologies that would become part of a comprehensive and innovative solution.
  • The integration of selected technologies into a common command & control center.
  • Development of standard operating procedures in consultation with the client
  • Training, maintenance and support for the client post-delivery.

Trigyn utilized IBM’s Intelligent Operations Centre (IOC) and combined it with GVD’s Video Management System to create a Command and Control Center. The Command Center implementation captures and records live video feeds utilizing network video recorders. Video feeds are stored in the form of a searchable index of videos and is managed using the GVD Video Management System. Video analysis software processes the video feed to identify issues that would trigger alerts and send event data to the Command Center. Based on these alerts and event data, the system automatically invokes event responses as per standard operating procedures specified by our client’s individual customers. The Command Center includes various dashboards and reporting capabilities to support future planning. The solution provides a secure environment to service client in geographically dispersed areas.

The solution included the following technologies: IBM’s Intelligent Operations Center (IOC 1.6.x), WebSphere Portal, WebSphere MQ, IBM DB2, RHEL Enterprise OS, CCTV Cameras, GVD Video Management System and Video Surveillance System, Java JEE.

Because of the Trigyn-developed innovative solution, the client was able to help its customers realize:

  • Enhanced safety and security for their businesses and their clients
  • Quicker notification to first responders while facilitating cross-agency coordination
  • Reduced false alarms
  • Deterrence of potential threats.

Outcome: The solution, utilizing Trigyn’s development and maintenance services, allowed the client to expand its service offering based on a scalable technology platform which utilized best in class platforms and products while offering their customers a cost-effective solution for securing their facilities and buildings.

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