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Smart Cities Public Safety Solution for a Medium-Sized City

Case Study: Smart Cities Public Safety Solution for a Medium-Sized City

October 06, 2022

Background: Trigyn’s client was the government of a city of 400,000 people. The city hosted a large annual festival which typically saw a large influx of more than one million visitors over a period of a few weeks. The city police sought to implement a technology-based solution for use by the city to improve public safety, provide crowd control and manage traffic flow during the event.

The innovative project included a range of Internet-of-Things technologies including IP Cameras, HD recording, and wireless infrastructure and connectivity. Trigyn was hired by the prime contractor because of our expertise in Smart City Command and Control Systems and Video Analytics.

Trigyn Approach: Trigyn recommended the implementation of a system which combined Smart Cities Command and Control Software with an Intelligent Video Analytics solution. Trigyn deployed a security-focused command and control centre within the main police station and a satellite command centre, located elsewhere, for traffic control.

City-wide surveillance was achieved through the implementation of CCTV and Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. The solution utilized wireless technology to transmit video data because of the complexity and cost associated with running cable through an old and well established city. All video feeds were received by the command & control centres for processing and analysis.

Intelligent video analytics monitored video data to indentify suspicious activity or other issues that warranted police intervention. The solution generated alerts to command centre staff to trigger timely investigation and intervention by the police.

Trigyn was also tasked with implementing a quick-dial emergency phone number system which was managed by command and control centre staff.

Trigyn’s role included the following tasks:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis for command centre,
  • Solution design and implementation including command and control systems, intelligent video analytics, video management system, and the quick dial emergency service,
  • Integration and management of data sources,
  • System testing, and
  • End user training.

Trigyn provided the client an integrated platform for video data management, analysis, issue identification, and response management.

Outcome: Trigyn’s innovative command and control centre was an integral part of the security solution for the client. Trigyn’s work provided the city with a state-of-the-art tool to ensure the safety of citizens and visitors during the event and year round.

Tags:  Security & Surveillance, Command & Control Centre