Smart Cities Surveillance Command & Control Center

September 01, 2020
Smart Cities and IoT

Background: Trigyn’s client was a city of 400,000 people which hosted a large festival which sees an annual influx of over several million visitors over a period of a few weeks. The city police department sought to implement a technology-based solution to help it better manage the event and provide enhanced security, crowd control and traffic flow in during the festival.

The innovative project included a range of Internet-of-things technologies including IP Cameras, HD recording, wireless infrastructure and connectivity, as well as surveillance and integrated command control software from leading OEMs. Because of the complexity and cost of implementing wired system infrastructure in an old and established city, wireless technology was employed to facilitate data transmission to the command center.

The project included setup of a primary command and control center within the main police station and a satellite command center, located elsewhere, for traffic control. City-wide surveillance was achieved through the implementation of CCTV and Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras which provided wireless feeds to the command & control system for processing and analysis. Analysis of the video data generated alerts and incident data to trigger timely and effective interventions by police and emergency services.

Trigyn Approach: Trigyn’s expertise in the development and integration of IBM solutions was sought by the prime contractor for the project. IBM’s Smart Cities Portfolio including Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) was chosen as the core platform for integration, video surveillance and analysis, incident and response management and reporting.

Trigyn implemented IBM’s software and integrated it with the Milestone Video Management System, as well as a Dial XXX Emergency Call Solution. Trigyn’s role included the following tasks related to the command and control center:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis for command center,
  • Design, setup and commission IBM’s Software for Smart Cities / Safer Planet, Integration with VMS and Dial 100 for alert notifications,
  • Integration of third party technology, and
  • End user training.

Technology implemented by Trigyn included: IBM’s Software for Smart Cities/ Safer Planet, RHEL Enterprise OS, Pelco IP Cameras, Milestone Video Management System, and Trinity Dial 100 System.

Outcome: Trigyn’s innovative command and control center was an integral part of a security solution for the client city. Trigyn’s work provided the police with an easy to use tool to help ensure a safe experience before, during and after the event for the millions of visitors who participated.

Tags:  Security & Surveillance , Command & Control Centre