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Centralized Security and Facilities Management for a Major Bank

Case Study: Centralized Security and Facilities Management for a Major Bank

August 24, 2020

Background: Trigyn’s client was a large bank with more than 3,000 retail branches. The project was intended to help ensure the safety and security of its infrastructure, resources and customers. The client utilized Internet-of-things security monitoring and surveillance systems including CCTV, fire alarm systems, emergency panic buttons and manned security among other measures. The legacy system was suboptimal in that it lacked a centralized monitoring capability, relied heavily on manual monitoring and intervention, often resulted in inconsistent or delayed incident response and was associated with inconsistent information flow back to head office.

The client’s Security and Safety group identified a need for a Smart technology-based solution managed from a central command and control center that would offer a real-time, enterprise wide, integrated security management with analytics and reporting capabilities.

The client was seeking a solution that included:

  • Multiple sensors, detectors and intrusion alarm control panels at branches, and IP based surveillance via a scalable video management system with video on demand and analytics capabilities,
  • Unified command center setup with integrated software platform and decision support system, and
  • Mobile quick response teams which could be dispatched when needed to deal with issues detected at individual branches.

Trigyn Approach: Trigyn designed and developed an innovative solution that integrated IBM's Intelligent Operations Center with various cameras, sensors and control panels installed at each branch. Triggered alarms resulted in real-time alerts in the Command Center which would initiate predefined sets of activities based on established standard operating procedures. Depending on the incident type, automated notices would be generated and sent to various bank personnel and emergency service providers.

The overall solution included a state-of-the-art command center including a video wall, enterprise hardware and software including video management & analytics system, alarm control panel system and integrated command and operations portal used by operators, supervisors and executives.

The system included dashboards to provide decision makers and security leaders with a real-time, unified view of operations to facilitate incident response and monitoring. Video of incidents was archived for future investigation and analysis.

Trigyn’s role includes:

  • Prime contractor
  • Architecture and program management
  • Sensor and hardware installation at branches
  • Development, integration, implementation and training
  • Operations, maintenance and support under a Managed Services model.

After successfully commissioning the command center, Trigyn operates the command center under and Managed Services Model, and coordinates incident response on a 24x7 basis with a dedicated team of operations staff, supervisors and technical support professionals.

Outcome: The program is undergoing a phased roll out across bank branches. To date, the solutions has integrated over 1,400 branches with a total of 11,000+ cameras, 1,400+ control panels and over 14,000+ sensors & detectors deployed. All devices are integrated through sub-systems monitoring applications into the Command Centre Solution.

The implemented solution provided an effective security surveillance and incident response management system to the client to allow it to better manage its bank branches. The solution has proven to be an effective tool to support rapid incidence response, investigation of asset misappropriation issues and managerial decision support.

Tags:  Security & Surveillance, Command & Control Centre