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National Single Sign-On for eGovernance

Case Study: National Single Sign-On for eGovernance Programs

August 18, 2023


Trigyn’s client was a national government agency tasked with leading the implementation and adoption of digital technologies by government entities, across a large country. The client provides strategic support to national and state government ministries and department to carry forward its digitalization mandate by way of capacity building for e-governance projects, promoting best practises, encouraging public-private partnerships (PPP), and nurturing innovation and technology across various domains.

As part of this mandate, the client was seeking to develop and implement and nation single sign-on (NSSO) to allow citizens and businesses to use a single set of credentials to access government services across multiple applications, and government entities. This offers major benefits to both users and application administrators. For users, it simplifies the process for access eGovernance services across government agencies and departments using a single set of credentials, while ensuring access controls for government applications consistently maintain a high level of security and adhere to security best practices. For application administrators, the NSSO saves time, effort, and cost to build the redundant authentication systems for individual government applications independently.

Trigyn was awarded a contract to design implement the national single sign-on solution based on its successful track record in building high-capacity government technology infrastructure.

Trigyn Approach:

Trigyn’s solution including the following features:

  • Trigyn rendered its application development, maintenance, and support services to successfully deliver the NSSO solution. Trigyn’s services spanned the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) including Requirement Study, Solution Architecture & Design, Code Construction & Testing, Implementation and Post Implementation Support.
  • Trigyn’s team designed and developed the comprehensive SSO solutions incorporating current security best practices.
  • The NSSO replaced three separate legacy SSO systems which were used by some government departments. The new solution incorporated registered user profiles from the old SSO systems into the new NSSO.
  • The designed solution adhered to national information security standards for government computing.
  • To provide greater level of Security and Privacy, Single Sign-On is a centralized session and user authentication service in which a set of login credentials can be used to access multiple applications during the same session.
  • Trigyn integrated the NSSO registration into a suite of applications that to allow users to access these various applications with a single set of credentials.
  • The NSSO system supports eKYC identification using a combination of username, password, PIN, mobile phone, national ID card number, and/or national tax ID number using multi-factor authentication.
  • Trigyn developed authentication system using PHP, JavaScript, and OAuth2.0.
  • The also included reporting and data visualization capabilities to provide usage and system performance analytics.
  • Trigyn designed the solution, including integration guides for developers, to ensure user experience across applications using the NSSO solution including responsive capabilities to ensure compatibility with mobile devices.

Technology Stack

  • PHP 7.2
  • OAuth 2.0
  • CodeIgniter 3.1
  • Redis
  • Elastic Search
  • RabbitMQ
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Nginx, Docker
  • GIT


The National Single Sign-On solution has proven highly successful and has been incorporated in many national eGovernance initiatives to date. Currently more than 180 million people have registered to create their single sign-on credentials to access government services digitally.

Tags:  Digital Transformation