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Big Data Dashboard Solution

Case Study: Data Visualization Dashboard for a Government Client

August 18, 2023


Trigyn’s client was a government agency created to help handicraft weavers and artisans sell their products online. The client identified several technology-related challenges which were preventing them from achieving their goals. These challenges included having important data dispersed across numerous module dashboards, performance and scalability constraints, and a high total cost of operation (TCO).

The client’s legacy systems consisted of a number of individual modules including Seller, Product, Order, Invoice, Sold Product, Buyers, GST, Logistics, Payment Gateway, and Transaction, with each module having its own dashboard, and limited integrations. Because of the lack of a consolidated view across these modules, the client was challenged in managing its activities effectively. The client identified a need for a dashboard that provided a single, unified view of operational data, and to upgrade legacy systems to improve performance and scalability, and control costs.

The scope of the project included integration of different 11 dashboards, retrieving data from APIs, and designing and developing a dashboard seamlessly integrated these data sources to create a unified dashboards that provided a holistic view of operations. Trigyn's was chosen by the client because of its expertise in digital transformation, big data analytics, revitalizing legacy systems, and proposed use of opensource technologies to help control costs.


Trigyn Approach:

  • Trigyn provided its Application Development, Maintenance, and Support services to effectively deliver the necessary solution for the client. This was accomplished by performing activities across the complete spectrum of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), encompassing Requirement Study, Solution Architecture & Design, Code Construction & Testing, Implementation and Post Implementation Support.
  • Trigyn initiated the engagement with an initial discovery phase, wherein detailed requirements were outlined, and expectations were established in collaboration with the client team. The objective was to understand the challenges posed by the existing legacy system.
  • Trigyn’s team of Technical Architects, Specialists and Developers designed and built a comprehensive, state-of-the-art solution named with enhanced functionality, features and usability to address the client’s issues and requirements. The solution was built using PHP-based Laravel framework and MySQL.
  • Trigyn implemented role-based logins for the client, including roles such as superadmin, admin, seller etc.
  • Quantitative and graphical data visualization were included in the new dashboard to allow client users to quickly understand the data and identify issues and opportunities.
  • The solution included a wide range of standardized reports, including data filtering, that could be generated by client staff, vendors, and other stakeholders.
  • Trigyn upgraded legacy systems to the latest versions of the Laravel framework, PHP, MySQL, Tomcat, Apache, and other parts of the technology stack.
  • The Trigyn solution was designed to be fully responsive as per client requirements to enable access to data using mobile devices.

Application features included:

  • Platform-independent, web based solution which was tested for cross browser compatibility across major browsers, with responsive UI for mobile device users.
  • Utilization of open source technologies where ever possible.
  • Login, registration, and user administration functionality for role-based logins such as superadmin, admin, seller, etc.
  • Password change and reset functionality for role-based logins such as superadmin, admin, seller, etc.
  • Various types of statistical reports with filters.

The end solution used the following technologies:

  • Laravel 10.0
  • PHP 8.1
  • MySQL 8.0
  • JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax
  • Web Services API
  • Linux, Apache, Tomcat Server
  • Chart.js, Google Maps
  • Visual Code Studio,
  • GIT
  • Open Forge



Trigyn delivered a solution that fulfilled all client requirements by:

  • reducing total cost of ownership using open-source technologies and minimizing ongoing maintenance requirements,
  • improving scalability and system performance, and
  • creating a unified view of operations including graphical data visualization and various predefined reports.
Tags:  Analytics