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App for Nutrition Screening and Support

Case Study: App Based Nutrition Screening and Support

December 13, 2023


Trigyn was engaged by a government client seeking to improve the nutrition status of expectant and new mothers, and young children up to 6 years of age. Based on the success of small-scale pilot programs in other countries, the client wanted to leverage technology to help identify individuals who were at risk of under nutrition and provided targeted supported services. The client was seeking an app-based solution that would be used by the 1.3 million staff employed at government childcare centres across the country. The app was to be designed to be used by these workers to screen mothers and children attending programs offered by the centres, and interface with other government systems to verify the identity of program participants and provide a range of support services. The client opted for a centralized, ICT-enabled platform to promote transparency and accountability in nutrition service delivery at the grassroots level. 

The rollout of the program, including the Trigyn-developed technology solution, marks a significant milestone in the realm of global digital health. This case study explores the success of the dietary tracking app, which has become the largest app-based dietary monitoring system globally, surpassing previous nutrition monitoring initiatives by a wide margin. 

Trigyn Approach: 

The Trigyn developed app included a range of modules, including beneficiary registration, daily tracking job aids, home visit schedulers for childcare workers, growth monitoring based on WHO standards, and other features. The solution also included extensive backend data analytics capabilities including dashboards for monitoring key performance indicators and reporting community engagements on nutrition promotion, with custom modules under development for special and remote populations. 

Data accuracy was a critical requirement for the app. The app was designed to automatically analyze key nutritional parameters, reducing errors that might occur through manual calculations, and providing immediate feedback to childcare workers on recommended interventions. The Trigyn solution was designed to dramatically improve program agility. The solution employed real-time data reporting and was integrated with the national ID card system to ensure individuals at risk of under nutrition received timely and consistent follow-ups and delivery of appropriate follow-on support services. The real-time data collection and reporting capabilities also provided timely insights to support data-driven decision making on program management and enhancements.  

The technologies employed included: 

React (Web), React Native (Mobile), HTML/HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, ASS, Apache, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Node JS, Cake PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Dynamo DB, Redis, Redshift, AWS S3 



The government program, of which Trigyn’s solution was a critical component, represents a ground-breaking initiative in digital nutrition. The program enacted the principle that data should be a tool and not a goal, and validated the importance of investing in essential services when under nutrition is detected. The solution successfully captured and analyzed data to coordinate the delivery of services to produce demonstrable improvements in the nutritional status of targeted populations. This success story showcases the potential of innovative technology to transform nutrition monitoring on a large scale and improve the well-being of women and children. 

In the two years since program inception, there have been more than 110 million women and children registered into the program including more than 70 million children who are undergoing regular screening for signs of under nutrition. The data analytics capabilities have provided valuable insights to guide program management and enhancement to ensure all targeted populations are optimally served. The program, of which the app is a central component, has been credited with producing a substantial improvement in the overall nutrition status of expectant and new mothers, and young children across the client country. 


Tags:  Digital Transformation