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Re-architecting an on-prem solution for an international customer

Case Study: Re-architecting an on-prem solution for an international customer

February 15, 2021

Background: Customer is an internationally renowned global provider of system-wide accountability framework, designed to measure, monitor and drive progress towards a common set of standards.

Their legacy application required modernization, to achieve scalability and improve performance to meet ever-growing demand from their end-users. New enhancements need to cater for automation, generate novel reporting mechanism and provide insights into their data and processes.

Trigyn Approach: Trigyn performed complete assessment of the system and made recommendation to migrate their application to cloud-platform. Re-factor/Re-architect approach was adopted to build a sophisticated solution in Azure, to take care of existing and future needs, while considering cost, performance and scalability. 

A time-bound approach was designed to implement numerous value-adds that did not exist before, a few of which are the following:

  • Re-designed the framework and migrated the enhanced services to Azure platform.
  • Created advanced data visualizations using Swagger and QlikSense.
  • Completely revamped the infrastructure with scalability in mind. System can now seamlessly scale without manual intervention. Automated monitoring was put in place to alert on cost overruns, underutilization of resources etc.
  • Azure Logic Apps service was used to orchestrate and automate business processes. Many other Azure native services, such as Azure API etc., helped create a highly available system. Various security measures were put in place to protect data at rest and in transit.
  • New framework using JQuery, HTML5, .NET Core and other technologies, was developed with loosely coupled, re-usable and scalable components.
  • Combined a few modules to achieve usable and more intuitive navigation with responsive UI.
  • Azure DevOps was implemented to quicken the deployment process thus reducing time-to-market for new features.

Outcome: A new 2.0 version of application was created using advanced technology stack under Azure environment, that can scale very easily and automatically. This new high-performing application can now measure and monitor periodic reports, perform data interpretation and generate necessary alerts. System performance was improved multi-fold, while the enhanced functionality provides interactive dashboards and extensible framework enables team to make quick enhancements as needed. Team received appreciation from customer for the recommendations made during development and this resulted in continued engagement with this customer, for their other needs, for more than 6 years!

Tags:  Managed Services, Azure, Cloud