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Case Study: Cloud-native, Highly-scalable Solution for a National COVID-19 Vaccination Management System

Trigyn Insights: Case Study: Cloud-native, Highly-scalable Solution for a National COVID-19 Vaccination Management System

February 15, 2021

Background: The client is a high-profile agency that manages distribution and administration of vaccines across a large country with more than a billion citizens. The scope of the solution included management of supply chain logistics, organizing administration clinics, booking vaccination appointments and documenting the COVID-19 vaccination status of recipients. The client required a scalable, reliable and secure Vaccination Management System which was user friendly and optimized for mobile devices.

Trigyn Approach: Trigyn worked with customer in agile manner, to get functional requirements and to provide feedback periodically and early in the development process.

For the system to scale massively with necessary security in place, Trigyn adopted AWS as cloud service provider. Development team came up with a scalable architecture that could cater not only for the current requirements, but could also scale for future needs as well, in a seamless manner.

This whole application was built from scratch, using cloud-native services, while integrating with many third-party providers, for authentication etc. Some of the salient features of the application include:

  • Advanced features of AWS services were used to make this application highly available and scalable.
  • A responsive UI was built using Angular, HTML5, CSS.
  • A modern containerization approach was used and microservices were created using node.js, that run under Kubernetes cluster within AWS. These were configured to scale automatically and provide loosely coupled architecture, for integration with other services.
  • Many AWS services, such as WAF Security Automations, AWS-Shield etc., were used to completely secure the application, and encryption was build-in at all levels – data at rest and data in transit.
  • Application was security tested for all vulnerabilities and penetration testing was performed to make it fool-proof and hardening was performed.
  • Multiple databases, such as Aurora, DynamoDB and RedShift, across availability zones were created with active-passive strategies and read-write replicas using Kinesis Firehose, for high availability and better throughput.
  • Application was stress and load tested to cater for maximum concurrent sessions; and every possible code optimization, including image compression, JavaScript minification were performed.
  • Sophisticated reports and dashboards were created using QuickSight; and security operations centre established to monitor production instances.
  • Application performance was boosted using Redis caching along with enabling of Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s) to provide optimal performance for geographically distributed customer-base.
  • Best development practices, including implementation of DevOps were incorporated for quick releases and customer previews.

Outcome:  A state-of-the-art end-to-end system using latest technologies was created in AWS environment, that provides a responsive UI with better navigation. This highly secure and scalable application can cater to the needs of double the expected population without any manual intervention, while performing at optimal level. A mobile version for a subset of the functionalities was created too, based on use-cases. Entire development was carried out by a team of professionals within a very short-span of time even with frequently changing requirements, using MEAN stack and microservices architecture - A clear demonstration of a high-performing team with laser-focus on meeting customer’s needs while blending quality, scalability, extensibility, security and performance of the application at every stage of development!

Tags:  AWS , Vaccination Management , Custom Development , Analytics , IT Security , Cloud , Big Data