Current Job Opportunities

Position ID Job Type Job Title Location Country Apply Now
G1121-0075 4-6 months (contract) Video Conference Technician Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo Apply Now
G1121-0058 4-6 months (contract) Information Technology Infrastructure Technician Laayoune Western Sahara Apply Now
G1121-0014 4-6 months (contract) Information Technology Budget and Administration Assistant Bamako Mali Apply Now
G1121-0012 4-6 months (contract) Wide Area Network (WAN) Technician Juba South Sudan Apply Now
G1121-0011 4-6 months (contract) Business Analyst - Acquisition Management Bamako Mali Apply Now
G1021-0014 4-6 months (contract) Telecommunication Rigger Bangui Central African Republic Apply Now
G1021-0013 4-6 months (contract) Microwave Communication Technician Bangui Central African Republic Apply Now
G0921-0021 4-6 months (contract) Software Development Project Manager Bamako Mali Apply Now
G0921-0007 4-6 months (contract) Peoplesoft Developer Africa Western Africa Apply Now
G0721-0011 6-12 months (contract) Operator Bamako Mali Apply Now