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Standard & Poor’s - Index Computation Engine
Solution Highlights
  • Captures 400 price updates per second at peak load.
  • Captures stock quotes and currency quotes real-time and calculates Index value at various intervals (Real time, Online, Offline).
  • Implements various index methodologies like Market Cap Method, Adjusted Market Cap, total return method.
  • Computes historical Index values.
  • Provides hierarchy of indices at group, industry and sector level.
  • Provides security at menu, component and data level.
Standard & Poor's, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, provides financial information, analysis, advice and credit ratings globally.
Customer Needs
Standard & Poor's plan to launch the analysis and credit ratings for the indices and other analysis for this historic data and wanted a system capable of handling the real time index computing engine and index maintenance for International indices such as S&P Global 1200, S&P 500, S&P Latin American 40 & S&P Europe etc.
Our Solution
Using technologies such as Java SDK, iPlanet Application Server 6.0, Web Server 4.1, Oracle 8i and JSP, Alpha digital Unix 2100, Rational Rose 98, NT 4.0, Trigyn provided a comprehensive system that helps to calculate the real-time index and to maintain the historical corporate event and computes affected indices. The system also maintains corporate events such as ADR, dividend, split/reverse Split and Spin Off etc.
Standard & Poor’s
Technology Used
  • N-Tiered Java, JSP, Servlets, Crystal Reports, Planet, IIS, LDAP, Oracle 
Solution Highlights
  • Supports Real time feeds from multiple data providers like Reuters, Bloomberg 
  • Easily scalable by the addition of multiple App Servers 
  • Simplified system maintenance and provision for on-the-fly changes, allows these changes to the index to take effect immediately.
  • Allows users in each country to create and maintain their own custom indices.
  • Implements Follow-the-sun logic support 26 hour days with country specific End-of-Day
Customer Needs
S&P had a legacy (client-server) application that was used in New York, to compute a few indices. They wanted the system re-engineered to meet heightened user expectations, allow Internet based access, provide more flexibility, and scalable enough to handle higher volumes. 
Our Solution
SPICE (S&P Index Computation Engine) is the system that Trigyn developed on a turn-key basis, to track prices and events, and compute a whole range of indices across the globe. Indices can be set up to be computed in real-time, online (say every 5 seconds), or off-line (at the end of pre-defined intervals). Scalability was implemented as this system handles trade-by-trade data from stock exchanges across the globe and computes over 9000 indices.