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World Governmental Organization - Mobility Matching Tool Project
Solution Highlights
  • Facilitates the user to save the results, approve them in MMT Tool and submit the approved results back to Galaxy system workflow
Customer Needs
The client required a web-based interfacing tool, which would help the HR department users to decide the transfers to persons across the country offices and its various child organizations. As per client policy, the practice is to shuffle the staff at every four years. Currently, the decision process is being done manually and it takes a huge amount of time to deduce the set of transfers.
Our Solution
Trigyn developed MM Tool to assist the end users in taking decision about various transfers by calculating the various benefits for particular transfers.

MM tool is basically an intermediate system between Galaxy (HR System) and XPRESS-MP Suit from Dash Optimization. The Galaxy system provides all kind of HR related data while XPRESS-MP calculates various benefits and produces the optimal results in terms of transfers. The MM Tool gets the data from Galaxy, combines it with the user input and submits the mixture of data to XPRESS-MP for massaging. After working on the submitted data XPRESS-MP gives the output back to MM tool. The MM tool formats the result(s) and presents it to user in a comprehensible manner.