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GUI-to-Web conversion / Reengineering at S&P
MasterCard International MO, USA
Member Host Processing Facility (MHPF) Project (Non-Web Migration)
Technology Used
  • Erwin 2.5, PowerBuilder 5.0.03, Oracle 7.1
Solution Highlights
  • Provides backward compatibility, for maintenance on the Mainframe
Customer Needs
MasterCard required migration of Credit Card Application from Mainframe to Desktop.
Our Solution
Trigyn designed and developed different modules like EBCDIC to ASCII conversion, user interface for the application, database creation, and mapping of JCL to DOS Batch. EBCDIC to ASCII conversion was done using MicroFocus NetExpress. The utility was developed in COBOL in a way, that it could convert a Record Sequential file containing various records of different record length. Mainframe JCL is mapped in a DOS Batch program to run different COBOL programs like sort, conversion of data. Generation Data Sets (GDG) of Mainframe were created using DOS Batch.