Trigyn has delivered value added solutions
Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO Preparatory Commission), Vienna, Austria. Commission), Vienna, Austria
Technology Used
  • Perl 5.x, Sybperl 2.x, Sybase 12.x, Prolifics Panther 
Customer Needs
CTBTO required an Averaging Program to automate the calculation and reporting of Salaries and CSC averages creation of Journal Vouchers (JVs) to record in the General Ledger, the differences between actual and averages salaries and CSC.
Our Solution
IMIS is an enterprise resource planning system that will support the CTBTO’s core administrative business processes including Human Resources, Finance, Procurement and Payroll in an integrated manner. IMIS records monthly expenditures of salaries entitlements (i.e. net base salaries, post adjustments) and Common Staff Costs (CSC) in the various allotments on the basis of actual costs.

CTBTO will use IMIS version 4.4 (HR & Payroll) for payroll processing. CTBTO currently records monthly salary expenditures and Common Staff Costs (CSC) on the basis of average costs and will continue the same in future.