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Storage & Veritas Backup Engineer

Job Details: Storage & Veritas Backup Engineer

Job Description: Storage & Veritas Backup Engineer

Position Id: J0823-0148
Job Type:6-12 months (contract)
Country: United States
Location: New York, NY
Pay Rate: Open
Contact Recruiter:732-876-7626

Job Description:

Trigyn's direct government client has an immediate need for Storage & Backup Engineer in New York, NY.

The consultant should have a good working knowledge of the items listed below such as SAN, ESX, Backup, cloud. The potential candidate must utilize clear and concise communication with attention to details, (verbal and written), ability to be an effective team member as well a potential lead, must be able to collaborate, coordinate and support all levels and teams, demonstrate initiative through participation in discussions and presenting possible solutions. This includes a responsibility to work on an adjusted work schedule, overtime, and evening/weekend hours to meet deadlines and/or urgent requests. Remain current with changing technology and best business practices. Demonstrate a willingness to learn and expand responsibilities, maintain regular communication with vendor to ensure all areas are optimized. In office position.

Responsibilities would include but are not limited to the following:

• Respond to all alerts sent by our monitoring systems.
• Perform systems check to ensure that issues are handled promptly.
• Assist the server and application teams with troubleshooting.
• Develop installation and standardization procedures for SAN/Backup/Esx/Cloud system.
• Recommend/Implement new enhancements to ensure all system remain running at optimal levels (SAN, Backup, ESX, Cloud, Security Servers)
• Assist in designing/managing the Datacenters.
• Collaborate with the other server, application teams, identify operational characteristics, determining the presence of a problem, identifying possible solutions, selecting the most appropriate solution, and implementing that solution in a timely manner in accordance with the Change Control Process.
• Develop and maintain installation and configuration procedures; contribute to and maintain system standards, policies, and procedures.
• Maintains system performance by performing system monitoring and analysis, performance tuning, troubleshooting, system hardware, installation, and firmware patching.
• Continuously evaluate the system for improvement opportunities and make recommendations for enhancement.
• Provide staff coverage to other departments where applicable.

• Administer Hitachi VSP5200, NAS, UCP, and HCP environments.
• Familiar with GAD, GeFN technologies.
• Monitor SAN environment to ensure that performance issues do not arise.
• Implement/manage Cisco MDS SAN switches.
• Maintain Veritas Data Insight and provide audit reports for CIFS upon request.
• Respond to all Cisco DCNM alerts.
• Produce documentation for operational procedures and processes. Formulate these processes and procedures based on industry based best practices.
• Ensure all equipment is up-to-date and meet Cyber Security requirements.

• Familiar with ESXi Stretch cluster configuration/implementation.
• Understanding of vSphere 7.x and ESXi 7.x.
• Understanding of various operating systems (RHEL and Windows)
• Able to create VMware templates.
• Maintain virtual environment via Lifecycle Policy or any other VMware update utility.
• Apply VMware best practices.

MUST have strong experience with Veritas Backup
• Serve as key technical personnel for all backup environments.
• Familiar with Veritas Appliances and Flex hardware.
• Respond to all backup failures/alerts via Veritas OpsCenter
• Administer Veritas NetBackup 9.x (NDMP, MS-Windows, MS-SQL).
• Understanding of MSDP, MSDP-C (AWS and/or Azure), A.I.R., V.I.P., VADP, VMware Instant Recovery, and tape libraries.
• Monitor the backup environment to ensure that bottlenecks do not exist.
• Ensure backup jobs do not spill into business hours.
• Document/update all backup policies as needed.
• Able to research/present/implement new backup technologies with minimum or no supervision.
• Ensure NetBackup is up-to-date and meet Cyber Security requirements.

• Design, develop, and deploy modular cloud-based systems.
• Develop and maintain cloud solutions in accordance with best practices.
• Ensure efficient functioning of data storage and process functions in accordance with company security policies and best practices in cloud security.
• Interact with clients, provide cloud support, and make recommendations based on client needs.
• Identify, analyze, and resolve infrastructure vulnerabilities and application deployment issues.
• Regularly review existing systems and make recommendations for improvements.

• Proven work experience in the responsibilities listed above.
• SAN, VMware, Azure, AWS, and GCP certifications preferred.
• Troubleshooting and analytical skills.
• Strong communication and collaboration skills.


For Immediate Response call 732-876-7626, or send your resume to

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