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Satellite Communication Technician

Job Details: Satellite Communication Technician

Job Description: Satellite Communication Technician

Position Id: G1023-0020
Job Type:4-6 months (contract)
Country: Sudan
Location: Abyei
Pay Rate: Open
Contact Recruiter:912261400909

Job Description:

Trigyn has a contractual opportunity for a Satellite Communication Technician. This resource will be working at our client site in Sudan.

Job Responsibilities:

• Installation & maintenance of Satellite RF equipment like SSPA, LNA, UP/Down Convertors, Becon Receivers, and Antenna Control Unit etc.
• Installation & maintenance of Satellite IF equipment like Satellite Modems, IF Amplifiers, Fiber Amplifiers, IF Dividers and combiners etc.
• Regular assistance to a remote site for troubleshooting of different types of Satellite Links i.e. IBS, VSAT, VTC, DAMA etc. & satellite equipment.
• Handy experience on handling the Test equipment. i.e. Spectrum Analyzer, Power Meter, Signal Generator, Frequency Convertor.
• Leading and exécution various Camp Surveillance systems comprising Long-range Camera (LRC), Middle range Camera (MRC), Perimeter Intrusion Detection System using EOS Cameras, GSR Radars and manage the THALES LRC/MRC Systems.
• Leading and executing Camp Protection Systems using the CRAM RPS-81 (5ch and 9-ch) Radar system.
• Working on Device Monitoring tool “Mercury Newpoint” to monitor all satellite equipment from both web and remote client using true north. Remote Web control of Spectrum Analyzers using Dowkey Matrix.
• Testing of 3.9 Mtr. C-Band & 2.4 Mtr. Ku-band Satellite trailers (Transportable Earth Station) prior to dispatch & deployment in remote sites.
• Carryout day-to-day preventive maintenance activities to ensure maximum availability of equipment life and to minimize the outage.
• Experience in installation/commissioning/operation of O3B Remote terminals with AVL2.4M/1.2M, Viasat 2.4m terminals to establish high throughput Internet links through SES MEO Satellite constellation.
• Manage the COTP/COTM satellite solutions using various portable Satellite solutions like SAT cube, Star win, Kymeta etc.
• Train the end users to operate the terminals during various military operations in the field.
• Hands-on experience various Satellite Communication test Equipment like Spectrum Analyzer, Power Meters, Radiation meters, BER Tester, RF Translator, Simulator etc.

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