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Digital Advertising Analyst (Fin/Accounting exp.)

Job Details: Digital Advertising Analyst (Fin/Accounting exp.)

Job Description: Digital Advertising Analyst (Fin/Accounting exp.)

Position Id: J0923-0042
Job Type:Contract/W2
Country: United States
Location: Chicago, IL
Pay Rate: Open
Contact Recruiter:703-454-2948

Job Description:

Trigyn's direct client has a contract assignment in Chicago, IL. The particulars of the position are as follows.

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Efficiently resolve daily requests for Display and Performance products via a shared Salesforce queue, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.
• Collaborate with Account Management and Sales teams on various operations-related requests.
• Assist in reviewing standard advertising contracts and insertion orders, offering insights and clarity. Forward these to internal teams for final approval and sign-off.
• Engage in additional responsibilities as needed, such as refining data and supporting our SharePoint structure for seamless team collaboration.
• Assist with monthly billing of advertising campaigns, ensuring timely completion and accuracy under the guidance of the Sr. Analyst, Lead, or Manager.
• Review data issues related to invoicing across Display & Performance products.
• Address and rectify the root causes of invoicing discrepancies.
• Support the handling of both internal and external audit inquiries under the guidance of the Sr. Analyst, Lead, or Manager.
• Address administrative tasks across Salesforce, Oracle, and Adobe Sign to maintain financial processes and compliance standards.
• Assist with task approvals in our global advertising Order Management System (OMS).
• Contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of process documentation, aiming for optimal operational efficiency.
• Support various projects and initiatives as and when required.

• Strong Attention to Detail: In this role, meticulous attention to detail is paramount. Accurate and precise work ensures that complex tasks, such as reconciling large data sets, are executed flawlessly. The ability to spot even the smallest discrepancies or errors can lead to more accurate insights and informed decision-making.
• Effective Communication and Global Collaboration: Given the global team environment, effective communication skills are essential. Being able to articulate ideas clearly, collaborate across cultural boundaries, and convey complex information succinctly fosters smooth cooperation. Clear communication minimizes misunderstandings and maximizes productivity, ultimately contributing to successful teamwork.
• Openness to Feedback and Continuous Learning: Embracing feedback and maintaining a growth-oriented mindset are valuable traits. In a dynamic role like this, the ability to learn from mistakes and seek improvement is crucial. Adapting to changing requirements and staying current with industry trends and technologies ensures that you remain an asset to the team and the organization as a whole.
• Bilingual- Preferably in Spanish
• Analyzing and Reconciling Data: The resource should have the capability to analyze and reconcile large datasets, ensuring accuracy and consistency. This involves identifying discrepancies, validating information, and providing insights that contribute to informed decision-making processes.
• Reviewing and Monitoring Campaign Delivery and Associated Billing: The resource should be proficient in reviewing and monitoring campaign deliveries to ensure they align with client expectations and contractual agreements. Additionally, they should have the ability to cross-reference campaign data with billing information to ensure accurate invoicing and billing reconciliation.
• Global Support Queue Management: Being comfortable with working in a global support queue is essential. This involves effectively managing and responding to inquiries, issues, and requests from a diverse range of stakeholders across different time zones. The resource should be able to provide timely and helpful responses, contributing to excellent customer satisfaction.
• Analyzing Media Contracts and Insertion Orders: The resource should possess the skills to analyze media contracts and insertion orders. This involves understanding legal and contractual terms, ensuring campaign activities adhere to the agreed-upon terms, and flagging any discrepancies or inconsistencies for further action.
• Familiarity with Accounting Practices: Having familiarity with accounting practices is a key functional requirement. This includes understanding basic accounting principles, terminology, and procedures related to financial data reconciliation, budget tracking, and financial reporting.

• The consultant must have at least 2 years of equivalent experience in digital advertising operations experience.
• A customer-focused approach coupled with a willingness to learn.
• At least 1-year experience or a strong interest in advertising, compliance, or finance.
• Detail-oriented with a keen eye for accuracy.
• Openness to feedback and guidance.
• Proficiency in English; proficiency in other languages is a plus.
• Familiarity with MS Office, especially Excel. Experience with Salesforce, Google Ad Manager, OMS, Tableau, or Oracle is a bonus but not mandatory.

Technical skills:
• Data Analysis Tools
• Campaign Management Platforms
• Billing and Invoicing Experience
• Contract Analysis
• Basic Accounting Software Understanding
• Communication Platforms.

For Immediate Response call 703-454-2948 or send your resume to


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