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Change Lead

Job Details: Change Lead

Job Description: Change Lead

Position Id: G0323-0042
Job Type:Full Time
Country: India
Location: Delhi
Pay Rate: Open
Contact Recruiter:+914448566445

Job Description:

Leading the change management activities within a structured process framework.

·    Designing the strategic approach to managing change and support operations that fall within the domain of change management.

·    Evaluating the change impact and organizational readiness to limit potential risk.

·    Supporting training and communication as part of change management. Activities may include designing or delivering specialized training resources to appropriate userbase.

·    Evaluating the risk of change and providing actionable guidelines on reducing the impact.

·    Evaluating resistance in adopting the change at the user, process, and technology level.

·    Managing the change portfolio, which allows the organization to prepare for and successfully adopt the change.

·    Authorize minor change requests and coordinate with the Change Advisory Board for changes presenting higher risk.

·    Conduct post-implementation reviews to assess the decisions and performance related to the change request.