Trigyn has delivered value added solutions
WinStar, USA - Web Work Flow Management System (Client/Server to Web Migration)
Technology Used
  • J2EE (JSP/Servlet, EJB 1.1), BEA WebLogic 5.0, Oracle, Crystal Reports 8.0
Solution Highlights
  • Easily scalable by addition of multiple App Servers. Number of user’s can be easily increased. 
  • Internet based Access 
Customer Needs
Winstar wanted to migrate the existing Work Flow application from non-web environment to web environment. 
Our Solution
Trigyn migrated the application from Client/Server Non-Web environment to Web environment using J2EE technologies. A web enabled back office framework, was developed, for integration of business processes with user functions, i.e. an integration framework to help in enabling processing and action being taken from start of a process till its completion.

Workflow On Web (WOW) consists of following elements:
  • Process Definition
  • Workflow Processor
  • Monitor