Trigyn has delivered value added solutions

Solution Highlights
  • Interacts with Telephony API (TAPI) for dialing out to banks
  • Provides voice recognition by using Automatic Speech Recognition API (ASRAPI)
Solution Benefits
  • Scaleable architecture
  • Support for any bank with IVR interface
  • Online changes to bank’s IVR information carried out
  • Facility to call multiple banks simultaneously
  • Batch mode operation
  • Sorting and grouping of transactions
TeleCheck provides cheque guarantee services to its customers. When a consumer pays a customer by cheque, TeleCheck guarantees the payment for a fee. In the manual system, maintaining negative files that are checked for the consumer credit records performs the risk analysis.

Automated Verification System (AVS) is an automated cheque verification system that provides significant cost advantage to TeleCheck over a manual system. AVS provides online funds verification on the consumer’s bank account and informs TeleCheck whether sufficient funds are available in the account for the cheque amount. This significantly reduces the risk for TeleCheck.
Customer Needs
The application needs to interact with a bank’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. It has to send appropriate key sequences, analyze the response using speech recognition and verify if the particular cheque is supported by funds in the consumer’s bank account.
Our Solution
Trigyn has custom-developed AVS for TeleCheck using ActiveX, COM, TAPI, Speech API and Oracle technologies. Visual C++ is used for developing ActiveX components of the application. Visual Basic is used for developing GUI modules. Dialogic Card and Telephony API (TAPI) are used for calling bank IVR systems.

The application dials out to banks, through a Dialogic card, and interacts with the bank’s IVR system. It dials out the account and cheque details and listens for the verification. The ASRAPI converts the speech into text format. The verified data is coded and stored in a database. Site server is used for commerce functionality.