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Ansell - Palmtop based Sales Automation Solution
Technology Used:
J2EE platform, Apache
Solution Highlights
  • Generates reports accessible by client or sales force with their secured access to application via any wireless handheld devices
Ansell is the market leader in manufacturing & selling body protective healthcare products across US & Europe. Ansell maintains a leading global market share position and has the broadest range of medical gloves in the healthcare industry. 
Customer Needs
Ansell wanted to automate the sales force. There was a business need to provide solution accessible to all sales force on their palmtop or any other wireless handheld device.
Our Solution
Trigyn designed and developed the solution, which is capable of capturing client specific data either by the client or by the sales representative during the client meeting, using palmtop or any other wireless handheld devices. Based on the inputs received from the client; the ‘RULES ENGINE’ developed for the application generates best suited product for the client.

For generating reports and various alternatives, the built in rules engine access past data. Data massaging is done on the fly with certain logical calculation done as ‘Business Rule’ before arriving to final result.