Trigyn has delivered value added solutions
LIFT (Life Information Foundation Technology)
Technology Used
  • Power Builder 6.0 as Front-End and DB2 as Back-End
Solution Highlights
  • Creates various contacts (Patient, Provider, Claimant, etc.) for Policies, Claims, Payouts
  • Enables filing and tracking of various Claims management of EFT Accounts, Billing Information, Payout and Repetitive Payout Administration
  • Defines restrictions for various user groups. Provides security at the field level for any mode of activity in any module.
  • Makes available historical data for reporting which can be used to create summary tables, datamarts, or other extractions based on business need.
Customer Needs
Guidant Insurance Group required an application that would encompass all the operations related to creation and tracking of Insurance Policies, Claims, Payouts, etc. 
Our Solution
Trigyn developed LIFT (Life Information Foundation Technology) application that takes care of all the operations that take place at Guidant.

One of the main features of the application is the Time-Sliced, Transactional, Relation Database. In this type of Data Model no data is ever deleted or overwritten. This is achieved by inserting a new record, with Current Timestamp and Expiry Flag as ‘No’ for any update operation on the database. Similarly for a delete operation, a new record is inserted with Current Timestamp and Expiry Flag as ‘Yes’. Since, for any database operation a timestamp is tagged, therefore when a user queries the database, the latest information from non-expired records are fetched and presented. Thus the combination of Timestamp and Expiry Flag ensures that no data is deleted or overwritten, and yet the latest information is made available to the user.