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Integrated Management Information Systems
J2EE Struts Based Application, development on Windows NT and Weblogic, but implemented on Unix, and Weblogic
Solution Highlights
IMIS Interface with ATLAS
  • Maintains personnel details of travelers, vendors, DSA rates, and Official Rates of Exchange. These entities have corresponding data elements in IMIS.
  • Exports any modifications of IMIS data into export files to be imported by ATLAS import modules.
IMIS Interface with PROCSYS
  • Exports receipt details with respect to Obligations for approved Pre-encumbrance records into Procsys.
  • Exports currency exchange rates, and staff member data for the management.
  • Exports currency exchange rates, and staff member data for the management.
IMIS Interface with Revaluation System
  • Generates reports, for the differences, occurred in USD values of appropriations and allotments due to changes in exchange rate and other parameters.
  • Exports differences from Revaluation System and import into IMIS the adjustments to respective appropriations and allotments in IMIS by creating approved appropriate financial documents.
IMIS Interface with Averaging of Salaries & CSC
  • Generates detail reports by performing various calculations based on the staff member’s category, grade, program and actual month salary and common staff expenditures.
Customer Needs
The World Governmental Organization required migration of an existing Client-Server based ERP application to the Web. In addition, integration with many external systems (ATLAS, Procys, and Revaluation System) was also required.
Our solution
Trigyn migrated the IMIS Finance-Module, used by Headquarters at NY; from a Panther based Client-Server system to a J2EE based Web system. The migration process started with IMIS ver. 4.4. From then onwards, Trigyn has continuously tracked the later versions, and has successfully migrated the J2EE Web based system to IMIS ver 6.1.

For its offices in Vienna, we have interfaced the IMIS Panther based system with the following local systems:
  • ATLAS: Travel Management application used by client to process the travel requests, authorization, advances & travel claims pertaining to the itineraries of its personnel. The interface imports these accounting details in IMIS as and when specific actions are performed in ATLAS.
  • Procsys: Procurement System processes requisitions for the procurement of goods, services and works. This interface extracts and exports approved Pre-encumbrance records at the line level created in IMIS to an interface database at pre-defined time intervals, for further processing as requisitions in PROCSYS.
  • Revaluation System for Appropriation and Allotments: Manages the funds appropriated and allocated in Euro. Purpose of this system is to reduce the impact of currency fluctuations, in particular, budgetary losses, which result from the decrease in purchasing power when the US$ depreciates vs. the Euro. Revaluation System has been developed which manages all the appropriations and allotments in both currencies and also revaluates their USD value based on user-supplied parameters.
  • Averaging of Salaries & CSC: CTBTO used spreadsheet-based analysis to deduce averaging of monthly salaries data from PASTA payroll application. Post IMIS implementation, there was a need to develop an Averaging program to automate the calculation and reporting of Salaries and CSC averages. It also involved creation of Journal Vouchers (JVs) to record in the General Ledger, the differences between actual and averages salaries and CSC. The Averaging program is run every month, after the salaries have been processed. Upon verification, the JV Postings are done in IMIS database.