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Industry: Finance
Case Study #01 - Fixed Income Operations
Solution Highlights
  • Easily adds new financial products / instruments
  • Online Risk Management
  • User definable Accounting Policy and Profit Computation Policy
  • Accounting Interface with SCORE (ABN’s main banking system)
ABN Amro Bank is a global bank providing universal banking services to customers in 74 countries across the globe.
Customer Needs
The bank’s treasury needed a system that could handle all its Fixed Income operations.
Our Solution
Trigyn’s Money Manager product was a right fit for the requirements. Trigyn’s proprietary product Money Manager is an integrated system-handling front, middle as well as back-office functionality. It incorporates a host of decision support tools and comprehensive risk management.
Operations handled by Money Manager at ABN include:
Call / Notice Money, Treasury Bills & Notes, Government Bonds, Commercial Paper, Certificates of Deposit, Commercial Bills, Repos (Ready Forward), Collateral Lending & Borrowing.

The Main Sub-Systems of the application are:

Front Office
Trading (Primary and Secondary Market), Decision Support (includes calculators, graphs, online queries), Blotter

Middle Office
Limit monitoring at multiple levels, Authorization can be mandatory or only for deals violating limits, Tracking pre-settlement as well as settlement risk, Tracking modified duration at portfolio level

Back Office
Confirmations, Deliveries, Settlements, Statutory Forms & Letters, Asset Management, Valuations, Cash Flow projections, Regulatory reporting, and MIS.
Case Study #02 - Portfolio Management Services
Technology Used:
PowerBuilder and Oracle
Solution Highlights
  • Provides investment accounting at portfolio level.
  • Front office and back-office support for trading and settlement, as well as integrated accounting and allowing quantity to be entered in decimals.
  • Supports Rolling Returns and Holding Returns Yield Methods for expense computation.
  • Supports various profits computation policies like FIFO, HIFO, LIFO and RMM in addition to WAP.
Customer Needs
ABN AMRO planned to launch Portfolio Management services and wanted a system capable of handling the PMS. The services were introduced to cater to an “Individual” or an “HUF” who have high net worth and make a provision for maximizing returns for the Investors at minimum risk level. 
Our Solution
Trigyn provided a comprehensive system that helped to define multiple entities and multiple portfolios, besides automating a large number of support activities.

PMS follows the pool concept wherein the TDS is deducted at the entity level and the effect is tricked to individual ratios according to the ratios of holding.