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Credit Suisse First Boston - Security Number Expansion
Technology Used
  • IBM Mainframe, DB2, COBOL, CICS

Credit Suisse First Boston is a leading Wall Street firm providing a full array of financial services to a wide client base.
Customer Needs
CFSB’s Security Master is their old world repository of securities information. Product Master is the new world repository (NTPA DB2) of security products. Both are based on the IBM mainframe. The Security Master is a VSAM RRDS and the Product Master resides on DB2. CFSB wanted to standardize reference data across the enterprise.
Our Solution
Trigyn has designed, coded and tested the new APIs that will allow the old world applications to access the New Product Master repository, ensuring that a single, integral repository of securities information will be referenced by all enterprise applications eliminating the need to maintain two disparate data sources.

The old world security master uses a six byte security number; this was expanded to store an eleven digit security number in the same six bytes. Trigyn modified programs that use the first two bytes of the security number to determine the type of security the discrete field ‘security type code’ is referenced as, thereby standardizing the process of determining the type of securities in the old world programs. Trigyn then developed the APIs that would enable old world applications to reference the Product Master. Five APIs were developed by Trigyn that would enable old world applications to refer to the DB2 based Product Master. The APIs were developed for a) Two for Batch COBOL, b) CICS c) Natural Batch interface d) Natural Online interface. Close to 500 Old World programs were modified to call the above APIs. The API’s incorporate business rules related to securities processing. The old world Security Master and associated program jobs were decommissioned once all the affected programs were moved to production.