Trigyn has delivered value added solutions
Industry: Banking
System Environment

Front-end: Power Builder 5.0.03
Back-end: SQL Server 6.0

Solution Highlights
  • Customized to insurance program life cycle
  • Incorporates MS Word and MS Excel formats for generating reports
  • Easy interfaces with mailing system
  • Reduced cost due to offshore development model
  • Optimized efficiency in data transfer between home office and branches.
Our Solution
The application developed by Trigyn caters to the needs of the insurance program life cycle. It captures information like program details, program contacts, structure, participants and/or reinsurers in the program, service fees, limits and deductibles, premium breakdown and policy-related information.

It allows for renewal of the insurance program. It also captures information about covered locations, TIVs and PMLs for the locations. It allows for transfer of programs from one branch to another.

Insurance program creation takes place when a submission is received from a broker. A program can be an entirely new submission or it can be a renewal submission of an existing program due for expiry. The program has a layer structure associated with it.

The insurance company may also opt for reinsurance of their own risk in the program. In the reinsurance arrangement, the primary insurer shares its premiums and losses with the reinsurer. The reinsurer receives a portion of the premium and assumes some of the losses on policies it insures. It is possible that some parts of the program (layers or part of layers) are being handled by other insurance companies.

Our application handles the layers of the program leading to creation of policies and enables effortless data transfer and report retrieval.