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Industry: Telecommunications
Business: Wireless Telecommunications Provider
Solution Highlights
  • Scaleability and flexibility - Ability to scale up to new users and add other services 
  • Remote access to network information 
  • Automated tracking of inside plant engineering network and order management 
  • Supports change management tactics 
  • Validates network capacity plans and Telco bills against existing inventory
  • Provides network asset management capacity 
Centennial Communications Corporation is a leading independent wireless provider, providing high quality, high capacity communications to and from vehicle-installed and hand-held wireless telephones. 
Customer Needs
Centennial needed a system solution that provides visibility for end-to-end network configurations down to the port and channel level. This requirement was critical for future planning, optimization, and resource management of this network. It was estimated that a network configuration management tool could provide substantial savings to the capital plan through better management of network assets. 
Our Solution
Trigyn’s proprietary product RHINO - Running History and Inventory of Network Operations, has been customized and deployed as per Centennial’srequirements.

RHINO is an integrated solution that assists in :
  • Performing Site Management
  • Monitoring and Tracking the Network
  • Managing Lease Agreements
  • Generating Trouble Ticket and Work Order
  • Enabling Fault Management