Trigyn has delivered value added solutions
Business: Machine Tool Automation Products 
Solution Highlights
  • Neutral interface while handling machines 
  • Reusable components 
  • Improved performance 
  • Cost savings through offshore development 
Bosch Rexroth AG, former Rexroth-Indramat is a 100% subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH which offers a comprehensive product range of components and modules as well as customized system solutions for driving controlling and moving. For 2001 the company expects to achieve sales of Euro 3.78 billion with a workforce of about 26.000 worldwide. 
Customer Needs
Rexroth decided to port their SBS/CNC Software from MS-DOS to Windows NT. Therefore, it became necessary to enhance the features of their existing Software. One of the enhancements requested by Rexroth was to have a unique GUI for every kind of panel used so that their clients get a neutral interface while handling machines. 
Our Solution
Trigyn developed a series of ActiveX controls (nearly 10 of them) that replaced existing controls in a non-component based environment to achieve GUI enhancement. The functional enhancement was achieved by developing an In-Memory database for their NC program editor.

The whole application was developed using Microsoft.Net technology. With the detailed knowledge in CNC technologies, Trigyn contributed to the development of key CNC modules, like MTX-CNC compiler, CPL Variable Editor, Universal List Control, CNC - Editor, CPL Variable Editor and Block Execution of NC Program.